Stephen Nicholas Camuti

In Loving Memory
April 30, 1986 Aurora, Colorado
Passed Away:
December 20, 2012 Denver, Colorado
Memorial Service

Cherry Hills Community Church, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Stephen Nicholas Camuti, age 26, passed away in his Denver apartment on December 20, 2013. A memorial service honoring him was held on January 11, 2013, at the Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Stephen leaves behind his loving brothers; Shawn Logan Camuti, age 22, Jessie Ryan Camuti, age 20, and his parents Dean and Barbara Camuti. Stephen was the pride and joy of the entire Camuti family. Stephen was the perfect gift from God, born on April 30, 1986. Stephen will live in the Camuti families hearts through eternity.

3 Responses to Stephen Nicholas Camuti

  1. Jessie Camuti says:

    R.I.P Stephen I love you! I miss you so much and can’t believe your gone this isn’t right. Won’t be the same without you.. Hope to see you again some day. Love you and always will! I will never forget my older brother Stephen Nicholas Camuti! The strongest,funniest,and most encouraging person I will ever meet. I’m so thankful you are my brother! Please make sure me,Shawn,dad and mom will be ok and make it threw this deffastating time in our life’s…. Allways in my heart and will never forget you love you! ME&YOU Sincerley Jessie Camuti

  2. Shawn Camuti says:

    R.I.P, Stephen aka Blood Brother, For your Mine & Jessie’s Gee Guardian Angle,For life…
    You where a Good Brother and will always play a-part in my Life,
    You are never Forgotten, and I will Make sure that I live it up for you to be watching down from Heaven and be Glad for my Amazing Progress that I make on Earth. Me & Jessie got it on lock with Keeping it Gangster & Loving one another even More.
    For now I stand up, & not let others get in the way… BRO’s for Life.
    I Love You too Death with all eternity,
    This is Not yet Done,
    God Is not Finished with his Kids that God takes Home.
    There is a Light at the end of the Tunnel.
    Best be True, See ya when it’s my Time
    Alway’s and Forever: Stephen Nicholas Camuti, Funny and Lived life Too the Fullest,,,,,,

  3. Shawn Camuti says:

    It’s My Life, My Life,
    In-spite of my Difficulties,
    I keep up at Making my Life, My life..
    Into A Reality,
    Dreamin that One Day, One Day
    I’ll have wut it takes to Go all in,
    As it shoulda a been,
    Me, My Familey,
    But then My Life Changed,
    Inspiration From Up Above,
    Touched my soul,
    Whole-Ee-Matro_ Monee,
    Why, why
    Did one night have too Turn,
    Into Death why,
    I will never know, why,
    Why It was your Time.
    I’ll never’ Never in a moon
    Forget you on earth,
    As you were full of energy
    At Birth, and Now
    All I say is,
    Ill Hold,
    A piece of you,
    A piece of you,
    On This earth Forever,
    Forever I’ll keep your soul a-live,
    For what ever price that may Pay,
    I Will Forever, Love you,
    Ina World full of Your inspiration,
    I will Forever, Love you,
    At all you’ve done On this Earth,
    I Will Remember, It was quite,
    The Accomplishment too Have
    A Blood Brother, YOU, YOU,
    are Forever My Big Brother….
    Love you, Shawn Camuti

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