About Us

About Us

We are a group of caring cremation specialists changing the industry for the better.  We believe in simple, economical cremation infused with kindness and care. We have our own crematory, and this allows us to first-hand ensure the integrity of the cremation process.  Since 1986, we have grown to six Colorado locations and we remain Colorado's largest cremation-only provider.  

OUR VALUES: We believe in "lifting the veil" on the funeral industry.  We operate with transparency to help alleviate fear while providing a better experience to those who have felt taken advantage of by a funeral home.

OUR PROMISE: "We keep cremation simple and affordable.  We will always be kind, and we will never, ever take advantage of you or your family at your saddest time."  -Diane Kamm, Founder

OUR HEART: We will never turn away a family who is truly in need.  Our costs are low, but we understand that there are families who cannot afford to take care of their loved one.  Since 1986, we have donated cremation services, provided financial resources, and educated the public on cost-saving cremation and funeral information.  In 2008, we created a "give-back" program to help hospice families in need of basic necessities like food.

OUR ENVIRONMENT:  All-States Cremation owns an environmentally-friendlier crematory that leaves a smaller carbon footprint, and we save land by eliminating the need for cemeteries, embalming, and caskets for simple cremation. 

Why Choose Us

Simplicity: One call to us when a death occurs and we will handle everything.  When you tell us you "just want cremation" we promise to listen 

Experience: Colorado-born in 1986, we’ve helped over 30,000 families

Convenience: 6 locations means we’re never far away

Integrity: Owning our own crematories allows us to guarantee a worry-free cremation; our pre-paid plans are secure

Responsibility: We promise to do everything we can for you and your family

Credentials: We belong to COFDA, CANA, and NFDA who uphold cremation practices. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and our staff consists of highly trained and caring cremation professionals

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

Leaves because we shelter you with gentleness and wisdom

A tree shows our deep roots in Colorado and in our values

Smaller letters because we are so approachable

Colors that soothe the spirit

Our tagline "beyond burial": as cremation goes beyond the confines of burial, we go far beyond

your expectations. We will be here for you today, tomorrow, and beyond…

Do they use third-party crematories?
All-States Cremation has its own crematory.

Note: many cremation providers do not own their own crematory, so they must share third-party crematories.

Does the crematory have refrigeration?
All-States Cremation provides free refrigeration.

Embalming is never required because refrigeration is a standard preservative, even for a long period of time. Colorado law states that a decedent must be embalmed or refrigerated within 24 hours. There are funeral homes who do not offer refrigeration, so they must charge to embalm. It’s your option to go elsewhere.

How soon will the cremation be performed?
There are several mandatory requirements before a cremation may take place. Amongst the requirements, crematories must obtain an “Authorization for Final Disposition” (Cremation Permit) from the county in which the death occurred, and family (or designated party) must consent to the cremation. If all authorizations are in place, All-States Cremation typically performs cremations within 3-4 business days of the date of death.

Is this a cremation provider, or a funeral home offering cremation?
All-States Cremation is Colorado’s original cremation-only provider. We have provided simple cremation with no add-ons or hidden costs to Colorado families since 1986. We are the Cremation Specialists.

Note: Funeral Homes offering cremation may have higher overhead from lavish facilities. Costly cremation and high-pressure sales tactics are common.

How do we know we’ll get the right ashes?
With All-States Cremation, our cremation process starts with an identification system that begins when we bring your loved one into our care. Additionally, we have a crematory on premises-- something we have insisted on for years. This allows us to personally supervise the cremation, ensuring that each cremation is performed individually. We hope learning more about our process brings you comfort, but if you have any questions at all, please ask-- we are here to help.

Do they include an urn and cremation container with the cremation?
All-States Cremation includes a temporary polymer urn and cremation container (the container used during the cremation) in our simple cremation package. If you decide on something else, we carry a large selection of ornamental urns, or you are welcome to bring us your own.

Do they have an additional charge to cremate overweight people?
All-States Cremation never has an additional fee if someone is overweight.
Some funeral homes will refuse to cremate an overweight person or charge an exorbitant fee. It is unfair and sad.

Do they practice environmentally-responsible cremation?
Environmental considerations are important to us. We offer biodegradable urns and our simple cremation saves land by eliminating the need for cemeteries or caksets.


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