Life Stories

Raymond Joseph Archuleta

In Loving Memory

September 16, 1986 :: Denver, Colorado

Passed Away:
June 5, 2015 :: Lakewood, Colorado

Memorial Service
Thursday, June 11, at 10:00 a.m. at Thrive Church, 2820 W 92nd, Federal Heights, CO 80260

The story to Raymond’s Life:

Here it all began Raymond was born on September 16, 1986. When he arrived he was this little bundle of joy. I found out Ray had cerebal palsy which would later be hard but manageable. I took Ray to every appointment to see what we can do for him as time went on we accepted what our life was meant to be. The following year Ray had a sister Reyna from that day on they 2 became inseparable from day 1 they grew to love each other. They went to the C.P. Center and went to every school together till graduation. He was born to his Mother Robyn, Aunties Ruby, Joyce, Judy and his Uncle Randy, his dear Grandma Terry and his Grandpa Ruben. As he continued to grow he brought so much joy into everyone’s life, he was a blessing. Then there came another sister (Diamond) he loved her so much, he’d cuddle up to her but he knew he had to get her. So there went the fork. Then his next sister Asiah was born and he had to let her know who he was (the big brother). So he would try to feed her like she was the baby alive doll and when we’d check on him there would be Asiah full of food. She would be sleeping and there would be glitter all over her. He managed to let them know he was in charge. Then there came Jolene ten years later and he showed he loved her he was so gentle at touching her. At that point I think he thought she was a doll, he was so gentle. He loved life being free. He was happy, full of laughter. He loved walking holding his Mom’s shoulder never letting go. Life was good but always needed someone by his side. After 24 years he went ot live with Virge and Dan where he learned to focus and be himself. They taught him and he became their little boy. They loved him so much. He loved playing with all his cousins and they loved him. Well the day has come and now your free and watching over all of us. We love you (Brother)
Grandma Teresa, Grandpa Ruben, Sisters: Reyna, Diamond, Asiah and Jolene Aunts: Ruby, Joyce and Judy, Uncle Randy

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