The All-States Difference

About Us

We are Colorado’s oldest and largest cremation-only provider. When you tell us you “just want cremation” we promise to listen.

Since 1986, we have been Colorado’s Cremation Specialists.

When explaining who we are, it’s important for us to point out who we are not: we are not corporate-owned by an out-of-state company.

We are a second-generation, family-owned cremation service that started right here in Colorado in 1986. From your very first contact with us, you’ll find us to be practical, kind, and easy to talk with.

Our love for Colorado is the foundation for our environmentally responsible and ethical cremation practices.

Why choose us?

  • Simplicity: One call to us when a death occurs and we will handle everything
  • Experience: Colorado-born in 1986, we’ve helped over 30,000 families
  • Convenience: 7 locations means we’re never far away
  • Integrity: Owning our own crematories allows us to guarantee a worry-free cremation
  • Responsibility: We promise to do everything we can for you and your family
  • Credentials: We belong to COFDA, CANA, and NFDA who uphold cremation practices. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and our staff consists of highly trained and caring cremation professionals.

The meaning behind our logo

Leaves because we shelter you with gentleness and wisdom
A Tree shows our deep roots in Colorado and in our values and ethics
Smaller letters because we are so approachable
Colors that soothe the spirit

Our tagline :: “Beyond Burial”
As cremation goes beyond the confines of burial, we go far beyond your expectations. We will be here for you today, tomorrow, and beyond…

Do they own and operate their own crematory?

All-States Cremation has its own crematory, ensuring that all cremations are performed individually, and with great care. Our crematory facility is secure, state-of-the-art, and operated by our highly trained and certified cremation professionals.

Note: many cremation providers do not own their own crematory, so they must share third-party crematories. Understandably, this causes consumers to question whether they are receiving the ashes of their loved one.

Is the crematory facility inspected regularly?

Crematory facility inspections are not a requirement in Colorado. To ensure compliance and verify high standards of crematory facility operations, All-States Cremation requests regular inspections from OSHA compliance officers and crematory manufacturers. Additionally, we welcome families to view our crematory facility in person.

Are their licenses to operate a crematory current?

Our crematory is currently registered and licensed in accordance with the State of Colorado requirements regarding Funeral Establishment and Crematory Registration.

What type of training is required for the crematory operators? Do they have CANA certification?

All-States Cremation has a CANA certified* crematory operator on Staff. In addition to expertly performing over 15,000 cremation at our crematory facility, he created an extensive and rigorous crematory technician training program which all crematory operators employed by All-States Cremation must undergo.

*The Cremation Association of North America’s (CANA) Crematory Operations Certification Program is the most comprehensive educational program in the industry and the best indicator of a crematory facility’s commitment to the best policies, practices, and procedures for crematory operators.

Does the crematory have refrigeration?

All-States Cremation provides free refrigeration.

Embalming is never required because refrigeration is a standard preservative, even for a long period of time. Colorado law states that a decedent must be embalmed or refrigerated within 24 hours. There are funeral homes who do not offer refrigeration, so they must charge to embalm. It’s your option to go elsewhere.

How soon will the cremation be performed?

There are a few mandatory requirements before a cremation may take place. Crematories must obtain an “Authorization for Final Disposition” (Cremation Permit) from the county in which the death occurred, and family (or designated party) must consent to the cremation. If all authorizations are in place, All-States Cremation typically performs cremations within 3-4 business days of the date of death.

Is this a cremation provider, or a funeral home offering cremation?

All-States Cremation is Colorado’s oldest and most trusted remation-only provider. We have provided simple cremation with no add-ons or hidden costs to 30,000 Colorado families. We are the Cremation Specialists.

Note: Funeral Homes offering cremation may have higher overhead from lavish facilities. Costly cremation and high-pressure sales tactics are common.

How do we know we’ll get the right ashes?

We don’t ever want you to worry about this, so we’ve created a “Total Transparency Cremation Promise.” This promise starts the moment we remove your loved one and take them into our care, and does not end until the ashes are safely with you. Throughout the cremation process, our caring and conscientious staff adhere to our strict guidelines for identification before cremation. Each cremation is then performed individually, and with respect and care. Our promise means a worry-free cremation.

Note: requiring families to “identify” the deceased before cremation can be a way for Funeral Homes to intimidate families by suggesting a misidentification may have occurred. This is often just an attempt to sell additional services or viewing caskets.

Do they include an urn and cremation container with the cremation?

All-States Cremation includes an urn and cremation container (the container used during the cremation). Our urn can be buried, kept, or used to scatter the ashes. If you decide on something else, we carry a large selection of ornamental urns, or you are welcome to bring us your own.

Note: Cremation providers usually don’t include an urn and cremation container with the cremation. This is their way of trying to sell you an expensive urn or cremation casket (they may even tell you their least expensive urn is only to be used temporarily- this just isn’t true.)

Do they have an additional charge to cremate overweight people?

All-States Cremation never has an additional fee if someone is overweight.
Some funeral homes will refuse to cremate an overweight person or charge an exorbitant fee. It is unfair and sad

Do they practice environmentally-responsible cremation?

Environmental considerations are important to us. We offer biodegradable urns, use refrigeration in place of embalming to lessen the amount of toxic embalming chemicals being released into the environment, and we own the most environmentally-friendly crematory availab

Note: Cremation Society of Colorado is associated with Horan & McConaty. Newcomer Family Funerals is owned by a funeral conglomerate out of Kansas. Neptune Society is owned by a corporation out of Texas who also owns National Cremation, Olinger, Crown Hill, Highland, and Advantage.
Newcomer Family Funerals & Cremation in Denver does not own their own crematory. They may initially quote $905 for cremation, but it is much more after the add-ons are tallied.